Starkville Gun Club

Starkville Gun Club Handgun Information

  • Only SGC Annual Members and their guests are allowed access to the SGC Rifle/Pistol Ranges. The Rifle/Pistol Ranges are not open to the public for shooting.

    1st Saturday Starkville Gun Club Handgun Matches

    A steel match is held at Starkville Gun Club on the 1st Saturday of each month.

    Preparation starts at 1:00 PM on pistol bay 1 (left most/south most pistol range).

    Shooters Please arrive NLT 1:45 for sign in and safety briefing.

    Shooting starts at 2:00 PM on pistol bay 1 (left most/south most pistol range).

    Please bring:

  • $15 entry fee
  • eye protection (Required: all attending must have eye protection)
  • ear protection (Required: all attending must have ear protection)
  • minimum of 100 rounds ammunition
  • quality belt mounted holster(quality paddle holsters are fine)
  • 2 extra magazines (5 Prefered)

    !! No 5.7 ammo allowed or any ammo exceeding 1,400 FPS !!

    The course of fire is a steel challenge type event and IPSC / IDPA type events using steel targets.

    Range rules will be STRICTLY enforced per USPSA.

    Range will be cold with a safe zone table for handling guns. No guns are to be handled outside the safe zone table.

    The matches will be a combination of IDPA/IPSC/and Steel Challenge. This will give practical shooting practice while allowing you to compare your times against standardized times and ranks nationwide.

    To attend or if you have any questions contact:

    Mike Mitchell
    Phone: 662-418-4094
    Email: ByEmail

    Mike Mitchell is An IPSC range officer, Firearms instructor, and Board Member of Starkville Gun Club.