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Starkville Gun Club Handgun Information

  • Only SGC Annual Members and their guests are allowed access to the SGC Rifle/Pistol Ranges. The Rifle/Pistol Ranges are not open to the public for shooting.

    1st Saturday SGC Outlaw Steel Challenge Matches

    First Saturday of each month. Start time is 9:00 AM Pistol Bay 1. (Starting Saturday July 6, 2019)

    Open to SGC members and friends.

    $10.00 per firearm, $5.00 additional firearm. (Proceeds go to SGC for cost of steel and up keep)

    This is a timed event consisting of 5 steel targets of various sizes. At the sound of the buzzer 4 targets will be hit in a predetermined order followed by the stop plate or 5th plate which stops the timer. Your time is your score.

    There will be several stages depending on time and number of shooters. You will shoot each stage 3 times. Your highest time will be dropped and your 2 lowest times will be used for scoring. Scores will be emailed to you same day or next day.

    Classes are, (Holstered pistol), (Low ready pistol), (Low ready pistol caliber carbine). Pistol calibers only including 22 LR, NO magnum rounds.

    (Low ready is for those who do not want to draw a pistol from a holster and pistol caliber carbines. When in the shooters box your firearm will pointed down at a 45-degree angle in front of you when the timer goes off.)


    1, Cold range, no loaded firearms unless you are in the shooters box and the RO has said “Make Ready”. When you have completed shooting the stage 3 times the RO will direct you to unload your firearm and show clear followed by dropping the hammer all while the muzzle is pointed at the back stop. After ensuring your firearm is unloaded you can leave the shooters box. NO LOADED FIREARMS outside the shooters box.

    2, 180-degree rule, while in the shooters box your firearm must not break the 180-degree line.

    3. When not in the shooters box, firearms must be holstered. If not, holstered firearms must be kept in a pistol bag or case. Firearms stay in your bag or case and removed once you are in the shooters box. There will be an upturned barrel next to the shooters box to remove your firearm from your bag or case. Muzzle must be facing down range when you open your bag or case in the shooters box. See 180-degree rule.

    4. There will be a Safe Table. Firearms can only be handled at the Safe Table. If you are not in the shooters box all firearms will be in your holster and or in your bag or case. If you need to handle your firearm it must be done at the Safe Table with the muzzle pointed at the berm.

    5. Outside the waste band holsters only. No inside the waist band holsters, no shoulder holsters, no cross-draw holsters, no ankle holsters, no concealed carry. Rules and the format of the match will be covered before the match starts. There will be a RO directing you while in the shooters box, however, everybody is a RO, if you see something that is unsafe you are expected to call it out.

    Phone: 618-977-0282

    Email: ByEmail

    Perry Pidgeon is a Member of Starkville Gun Club and freely donates his time and talent for you to enjoy yourself at SGC. Please PLAN to help Perry with Setup, Tear Down, Clean-Up and running these matches. Without Perry and the pistol shooting membership these matches will not be possible.