Starkville Gun Club

Starkville Gun Club New Member Orientation.

SGC is not open to the public so you need to come on a Thursday Evening at 6:30 PM when we have our New Member Safety Briefings.  Otherwise, you will likely find a Locked Gate.

Do NOT trust any GPS to get you to SGC.  This is the best way to get to SGC from Starkville.

  • 182 East to and through Clayton VillageTurn Left (North) on 16 Section Road.  (Approximately 1 Mile after the HWY becomes 2 Lane.  TVA Substation on the left just after the intersection.)
  • Two miles go straight through the 4 Way Stop (Intersection of Old West Point Road)
  • Two miles straight through the 3-Way stop at Adams Lane, SGC Gate is Lighted driveway on the Left, the gate is set off the road about 75 yards past the 3-Way stop and Blue Clayton Village Water Tower on the Right side of the Road.
  • Drive all the way back to the clubhouse, tan building on the RIGHT at the first parking area. 
  • Try to be at the club at 6:30 PM.  If you arrive after 6:30 PM the tour may already be started on the Rifle Range. 
  •  Dress warmly as you will be outside during the tour.
  • New Member Safety Briefings are the best way to learn about the club.  You are not obligated to join.  If you Do Not join, your information will be recorded and you will not have to return to the club for another Safety Briefing for a year, just stop by and pay your dues.

Cash or Check Only for payment of Dues.  The Membership is $200.00 per year, and will expire at the end of the month 1 year from payment date.

Annual members have daylight access to:

  • Centerfire only Rifle Range 100 Yard section and a 200 Yard section.  Covered firing line, Slow Rate of fire, no more than 1 round every 5 Seconds.
  • Handgun Ranges, 20 yard max range.  Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun.  Rapid fire is allowed but all  round shall impact the berm.  No firing into the side berm.
  • Rimfire Outdoor Range.  10 lanes of Rimfire Only. 22 Short, Long, Long Rifle, Magnum, 17 Rimfires.   NO Centerfire cartridges.
  • Access to the clubhouse for restrooms
  • All this and more will be discussed at New Member Safety Briefings.

Starkville Gun Club Membership Basics.

  • SGC Annual Membership is annual and runs 1 year from the date joined. There is no proration of dues. The membership is $200.00 per year. For example if paid on 1 July 2022 the membership would run through 1 July 2023.

  • SGC Annual Membership is a family Membership. Your dependants, Husband, Wife, Children are covered by your membership. Out of town Family visiting are also covered by your membership.

  • SGC Annual Membership is open access you may shoot on the rifle and pistol ranges any time during daylight hours. Dawn to Dusk.

  • Only SGC Annual Members and their guests are allowed access to the SGC Rifle/Pistol Ranges. The Rifle/Pistol Ranges are not open to the public for shooting.

  • SGC Shotgun Members buy targets in advance in a minimum of 20 Rounds, of 25 targets or 500 targets per card. Currently target cards are $80.00 each or $4.00 per round of Skeet, Trap or 5-Stand.

  • SGC Shotgun Members have open access to Skeet and Trap Houses and may shoot on those ranges any time during daylight hours. Dawn to Dusk.

  • SGC Annual Members may shoot on the Shotgun Ranges when a Shotgun Member has the range open and pay by the round at a rate of $6.00 per round.

  • SGC Guests may shoot when a Shotgun Member has the range open and pay by the round at a rate of $7.00 per round.

  • Membership and Fees can be paid by Check or Cash. Checks should be made payable to Starkville Gun Club or SGC.

  • MANDATORY NEW MEMBER SAFETY BRIEFINGS are given on Thursdays at 6:30 PM.