Starkville Gun Club





The "REQUIRED" SGC New Member Safety Briefing is given on Thursday Evening at 6:30 PM at the Starkville Gun Club. Please arrive by 6:30 and you should plan for at least an hour from beginning to end. To ensure that the briefings have not been cancelled for any given Thursday there is a Calendar at: which also lists SGC Activities of all types. If you are unable to attend on Thursday evening other times can be arranged on a Case-By-Case basis. Dues are payable with Cash or Check only. No debit or credit cards are accepted.

You are not obligated to join and if you are present for the safety briefing your information will be taken and you will not have to re-attend the Safety Briefing and may join afterward at SGC on any Thursday prior to the Safety Briefing.

SGC Membership is Calendar, runs from 1 January through 31 December. Annual Membership dues are $200.00 and provides open family access to the SGC Rifle and Pistol Ranges during daylight hours. There is no proration of dues meaning if you join TODAY ( 02/18/2018 ) your membership will only be through December 31.

The Initial Shotgun Clay Target Card cost is $70.00 for the first 500 Clay Targets or 20 Rounds @ 25 Targets. You do not have to be a Shotgun Member to be an Annual Member and you may become a Shotgun Member at anytime by purchasing your first Clay Target Card and attending the additional Clay Target Safety Briefing and being assigned your TargetTag Card.

Thank You!